Rakesh Wadhwa:

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring marketeers who are looking at making the career in marketing or perhaps wanting to lead the function. So one of the few things that you would tell them to care about?

David Aaker:

Well just to be interested in curious about people that are doing it well and I love to read biographies for example about people like Steve jobs or the CEO of Microsoft. And one of my favorite book is by Lou Gerstner the guy that took over IBM. And but I also like to read case studies and I like to read about companies that are really done it well. When I was in undergraduate school my favorite courses was the case courses in advertising and marketing. I just thought it was so fascinating to see how people develop something and how it worked and why it worked and so on.

I love to go to the retail stores and look at the packaging and look at their systems of how they do things. And I read about retail innovations and I like to read about startups and how a company like the dollar shave club started in four years later sold themselves for a billion dollars to Unilever

And that's one thing. If you're interested in marketing really interested that these kinds of things should appeal to you.