Rakesh Wadhwa:

What is the role of HR In Digital Transformation?

Jasprit Bindra:

 HR is a wrong word actually that's CHRO should be the custodian of the company's culture. And so if he or she is the custodian of the company's culture it's a very very strong reason for that person to be there.

The good thing which if people can grasp and take this opportunity in this pandemic is that certainly the HR person is back into technology conversations. Sudden work from home, for example, it's about people and technology and the making people work at home and then the whole collaboration tools and how do you manage to have some kind of people work and culture are using technology. And so HR is back in the game of technology because of this Pandemic.

And if they leverage this opportunity, they have a rightful place in all of these transformations disruptions and the technologies used to manage them. And therefore become as important as the CEO in that sense especially with these disruptions and after these disruptions. It's a very significant time for an HR or an HR person at this time but the significance should not go away and they should keep the significance going after the lockdown.