Rakesh Wadhwa:

There is a businessman engaged in developing public areas for kids. What's the future there? Do you encourage him to continue in this business?


Ajai Chowdhry:

Well, actually it's going to be pretty tough because a lot of people will start to look at not sending their children to these places. But as I said,  as the vaccination starts to happen and more and more people start to feel confident and the fear of COVID goes away, these things may completely reopen, but I want to also put another point for him. What I would like to say is that India is going to invest a lot of money in infrastructure. And as the new infrastructure comes up, newer cities come up, newer areas come up. Those people will want this capability. So it's not that it's going to go away permanently. It takes time to set up these things. So people will plan ahead and say, okay, if I don't need it by April next year, I need it by April 20, 21 or 2022. So if it's going to be that way. Stick around and make sure that you do you plan more and more things that you can, put together in your strategy to be more successful in the year 2022.