Ashish Tiwari:

What kind of skill sets are coming up and are lacking with the younger generations?


Mani G:

The basic skills that I saw that is very much lacking, was common sense in a lot of things. Sometimes people try to go specialize in something, but they lose the plot in terms of why you're learning something. that's where I find a leader or I find the people who are successful viz-a-viz, somebody who is not successful, that's the first thing. Your ability to really know how to have existing resources on your hand, combining them together to do a multiples is the first step. That means I don't need to know all the programming languages. I might have to be able to script in one language, but I should be able to combine the best of what is available Off the shelf or on the platform itself. So like for example, Vivek talked about “AI” I don't need to be a data scientist to use the AI, frankly. I have to organize my data in such a way that I give it to that algorithm. It tells me what to do, knowing that that's important. If you don't know that you're trying to employ a data scientist or you're trying to learn statistics at an advanced stage that may not help you. So be open, make sure that you understand what you're trying to solve, then look for options. And that you're getting from your partners, your trusted people who are available to you to talk and then you decide on how do you leverage technology and automate. Unfortunately, or fortunately English has become my language for a lot of the scientific work, but it is getting translated to massive scales.

In India that is going to be very different and type of content provision, thanks to COVID and stuff. People are putting a lot of effort in codifying them in their own languages and trying to come out with it. And India has proven that, right? One of the biggest success in India, if I look at it is the IIT graduate course from Bihar. There's a guy who selects people from the lowest backgrounds and make them successful. it is because he's able to touch tha.t. So don't even think that if you don't know English fully, it is a disadvantage. It will be for some time, but then it is coming and people have got quite a good amount of translation software. Like today, Google translate translates at so well in many aspects. Now you have online translators, which, can listen in one language and translate in real time. It may not be a hundred percent correct, but you get the sense of it. So anybody who has got urge to learn will be able to learn irrespective of any of these restrictions.