Ruchira Bharadwaja:

What should employers do to build  unique employer brand and a differentiated employer brand during these times?


Yogi Sriram:

There is a lot of literature on employee value proposition which is actually built by employers. It's a great time to redefine your work culture. The levels of empathy that you have your approach to costs your approach to organization levels your approach to ways of working your approach to  presenting a picture of the employer which is professional. It's a fantastic time for employers to create a new brand. What today youngsters will look at, for example an engineering campus or an MBA campus, is a company which gives them an opportunity to be entrepreneurial. So giving examples of how one can be entrepreneurial is a wonderful idea. Working with academic institutions with the youngsters in various teams to build that brand is a great idea. This is a great time for experimentation. I mean everybody's sometimes distracted by the negatives of what is happening around but it's a great time to experiment and try new things. So the innovative capabilities the idea capabilities, the willingness to look at things completely new at all employer brand values that can be transmitted.

If you're an old organization, rediscovering a brand and telling people that  you're also to these kinds of companies which are very very fast changing and agile in terms of their basic mental models. Well it can be done because sometimes people have mindsets that this is a complaint which is hierarchical or old fashioned and is static and doesn't move. But actually the agility with which you have actually done a project, it is it's a great time to brand.