Rakesh Wadhwa:

What do you think about the retail industry the fashion industry, Fashion industry, these single brand outlets the big ones? Is there writing on the wall that a big is going to get bigger or you see that people who have possibly an innovative model they will prevail over the big and mighty as of right now know?


Lloyd Mathias:

I think there's always room for innovation. Like I said to the short term that is going to be impacted. Are we going to go to large stores? One of the lot of the large stores won't even have the opportunity of opening up because of restrictions. But as long as a brand or a chain is able to innovate and differentiated offering, I think it should help. So I think the challenge is to be nimble to be innovative and to sense what the consumer is wanting. Right. And if you're able to satisfy that I think your business model is best. But the importance is to understand what are the changes. People are going to want to be far more conscious about using dressing rooms in a fashion retail outlet. There you need to be cautious. But good od virtue of like shopping for discounts or having the right kind of merchandise. I think that won’t go anywhere in a hurry. So I think it's a mix of Innovation technology and closely understanding and reacting to consumer insights.