Rakesh Wadhwa:

Real estate industry the restaurant business or hotel business it seems from what you just suggested that these industries are in for the long haul of stress.


Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan:

Sadly, that's true. Malls and real estate are in a tough time because not because the government is going to lock down but because who would go to a restaurant at a time like this. Eat at home or take out will still be fine but I don't think eating in restaurants would recover for quite some time. Don't worry about the current rise in cases. Current rise was going to happen. Until we get to know about the virus 60 - 65%, there's really nothing else we can do. I mean this is just the progress of the virus with the population. It is as inevitable as when asteroid suddenly hits the earth and cause damage. That would happen in an instance. So we know it this is like a slow moving asteroid.

It's going to cause damage but this is way back in February itself, some of us were warning and saying that this is going to happen. You can delay it, postpone it or whatever but this is inevitable because there is some fundamental facts here. This is as a mechanistic as how the markets work. This is not a matter of opinion here, this is how viruses work.