Ruchira Bharadwaja:

Is middle management as a layer, out boarded now or even the upper middle layer. Are companies now looking for Hands on workers and less of managers.


Yogi Sriram:

Maybe it's time to discover the new middle. Maybe what was top management will become a part of the middle management. Maybe a whole layer will disappear. I do agree that an organization will by and large have four broad bands - a strategic layer, a layer which is operational plus strategic, senior operational layer and a completely operational layer. But while these bands may exist a lot of operational people may become also quite strategic Sometimes you may see organizations with an inverted pyramid. So in future, I don't think the middle management as it were is going to disappear. Having said that in conventional text, in the conventional narratives was that middle management is adverse to change in TQM books and stuff. Someday middle management has to become senior management. Someday junior management became middle management.

I look at a promotion as a horizontal move. I look at a promotion as an opportunity to learn something new. I look at my growth, my personal growth first and then promotion. So therefore the way we look at things also needs to change completely when we are in middle.