Rakesh Wadhwa:

This is the question is to do with this whole wave of protectionism that the countries are that it's happening in America it's happening in India. So a question is what signature stories would be a way to counteract the current wave of protectionism by local theme?


David Aaker:

The country of origin is always been an important variable for certain brands in certain circumstances. And so there's always been attraction of by my country by India by services made in India and people can take pride in that. And so on. And also if you're selling into a country in some circumstances you might want to deemphasize that but in others you want to emphasize the appeal the culture that that's represented by the country and so on. The whole idea of trying to set down global trade is kind of frightening and been very unwise and kind of stupid because it's sort of hard to roll that back because we've got supply systems that are in place. We've got economies that are dependent upon other markets. The really show I guess is how do you politically and socially resist this tendency to back away from international cooperation and so forth.

And there's a wonderful book by George Lakoff. He's a linguist at Berkeley and he talks about framing the discussion. You really have to frame the discussion right. And in the terms of the subcategory world you have to elevate the must haves for within that that lead you to the right frame. So the right frame is not that these guys are teachers taking jobs. The right frame is that they're giving us choice. They're providing markets and they're giving us efficiencies. And so that really demands these people that are going the other way can win the framing game. And the way to do that is with stories. I mean all this comes back to stories. You don't do it with facts. You don't do it with logic. You have to do it with stories.