5 ways of doing yoga


The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means to attach, join or unify. As its origin word suggests, yoga is a holistic practice that combines spiritual, physical and mental wellness. The poses(Asanas) and breathing exercises present in yoga are designed to encourage relaxation, reduce stress and build strength. It is, therefore, no surprise that successful sportspersons, leading business owners and celebrities incorporate yoga into their fitness routines.

Below are five ways yoga preps you for success.


1.Increases Focus and Energy

Yoga links breath with movement. So yoga isn't a practise that you can do mindlessly. The focused manner in which breathing is channelised during the practice helps in boosting energy. Overall repeat practice enables you to enhance your memory, clarity of thoughts, brainpower, and concentration.

Three most effective poses to build focus and energy are: Vrikshasana (Tree Pose), Garudaasana (Eagle Pose), Ardh Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)


2.Improves Discipline

Self-discipline is an essential aspect of yoga. The positive results of yoga can be seen only when you practice in a disciplined manner. Self-discipline is known as 'Tapas' in yoga. It is our intent to work and our desire to learn. Success is a by-product of a disciplined attitude towards one's goal. When you commit to the practice of yoga, you commit to self-disciplining yourself thus tuning yourself to success.


3.Encourages Mindfulness

Yoga as a form of exercise isn't an escape route but one that demands you to be fully present. Every yogic move is accompanied by breathing exercise. Therefore it encourages the practitioner to be fully involved in the practice. With long term practise of yoga, being mindful in everyday life also becomes a habit. In this way, the practice of yoga trains you to be aware of your actions. And success itself is achieved by performing mindful actions.


4.Lowers Stress Levels

Stress demands our energy. When stressed, we're not at our best and dealing with even small issues seems like a challenge. Stress impacts not only our mind but also our body – we start taking shallow breaths and our neck, head and shoulders become tense. Yoga helps us tap into our stress relaxing hormones through physical movements that are aligned with breathing. A calm mind is essential on the way to success.

Top 3 poses to reduce stress levels are 1. Easy Pose (Sukhasana), 2.Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana) and Plow Pose (Halasana)


5.Strengthens Balance

The path to success is never easy. Regardless it is essential to stay on the road to success by building one's endurance and taking a balanced approach. Strengthening exercises in yoga test your resilience, build your endurance and help you balance better. Endurance and balance manifest in one's attitude with the practice of yoga. While strengthening your muscles and improving your balance, yoga also helps improve bone density, boosts your metabolism, improves your sleep quality and most importantly boosts your brain's health. To be successful, you need to be at your best both physically and mentally. So yogic practice helps you reach both through its wholesome training.

The top yoga poses for strengthening balance are. Virabhadrasana Aasana (Warrior Pose) 1, 2 and 3


The extra time we have at hand during this lockdown gives us the chance to build our physical and mental resilience through the practice of yoga. So practice yoga and attune yourself to success. For a video demonstration of how to get the postures right check this video