What Is The One Gift That Will Truly Show Her That You Love Her?

Women play a vital role in our lives. From a responsible daughter, a loving wife, to a doting mother – a woman, plays it all with perfection while making it look effortless. While we can make Women’s Day a special day for her with a surprise gift, a candle light dinner in her favourite restaurant, or by simply spending some quality time with her –her contribution to our lives cannot be reciprocated with such gifts. It deserves something more meaningful, one that truly says that you love her, will protect her and financially support her dreams no matter what. This Women’s Day give her the gift of financial security and protect her future with a range of life insurance solutions that we have to offer.

1. Future Generali New Assured Wealth Plan

The Future Generali New Assured Wealth Plan helps you get closer to achieving your dreams, whether it is about buying a bigger home for your growing family, buying a car for your wife who has always loved long drives, or financially preparing today for your daughter’s dreams of becoming a doctor. With the dual1 assurance of –

  • 1. Guaranteed2 Sum Assured on maturity
  • 2. Guaranteed Additions3

you get the dual benefit of the security of Life Insurance and growth of your hard-earned earnings.

Moreover under Option 2 of this product, the policy continues even after death of the Life Assured till the end of policy term with no further premiums to be paid and accrual of guaranteed additions3, which is paid along with the sum assured at original maturity date.

Yes, I want to grow my wealth and get financial security too.


2. Future Generali Lifetime Partner Plan

The women in your life walk with you through the different stages of your life. It’s now time you promise them a lifelong gift of financial security. In this situation, all you need is a financial partner who can help you with a regular flow of income to fulfil the promises you made to your loved ones.

The Future Generali Lifetime Partner Plan – is a life insurance plan that offers regular4 income for whole of your life, up to age of 100. It will help you fulfil all your duties as a father, husband and son. While your expenses will continue to increase, like monthly bills, EMI’s, education expenses of your children, a dream vacation that your wife has always been looking forward to, a bigger TV for your mother so that your mother can watch all her favourite religious channels on a bigger screen or even to buy cute gifts for your granddaughter post your retirement, your income may not necessarily match the pace. But can that be an excuse for not fulfilling your duties? Absolutely not. This is where the Future Generali Lifetime Partner will come to your rescue. Through this policy you will have the ability to fulfil your duties with confidence.

Yes, I am ready for a partnership of a lifetime


3. Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan

Our life is more enriching when we experience big and small moments with those who matter to us the most. The women in our lives hold a special place amongst those who matter most to us. This Women’s Day make the moment special – take a promise to financially secure your better half, your daughters, your mother and your health against cancer. Often cancer strikes silently but makes a lasting impact on you financially and emotionally. You can take care of the physical stress in your life through preventive measures. But what about the constant mental stress that comes from being worried about how your family will cope in case a serious health problem befalls you or the special women in your life.

To ease your worries, we have the Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan that will help you stay financially and psychologically secure in case of diagnosis of cancer5.

With this insurance solution you can safeguard your hard earned savings and support your loved ones with the fixed financial benefit5 that comes with it. This fixed financial benefit5 will help you cover treatment related medical costs.

Yes I want to be better prepared for such unforeseen events

You will never be able to thank her enough, but the least you can do is try your best. Do what is right today, so that you are better prepared to protect her tomorrow.


1Dual Assurance i.e. First assurance through guaranteed additions starting from end of 8th policy year till end of policy , payable at maturity and second assurance through lump sum maturity sum assured over and above guaranteed additions, provided all due premiums have been paid.For detailed information on these products including risk factors, exclusions, terms and conditions etc., please refer to the Product brochure and consult your advisor, or, visit our website (life.futuregenerali.in) before concluding a sale.

2The Payout is subject to the payment of all due premiums.

3The Guaranteed Additions are accumulated as a percentage of sum assured at a simple rate for each completed policy year starting from the end of 8th policy year till the end of policy term, subject to payment of all due premiums.

4Guaranteed income is for limited time period and lifelong regular income is through cash bonus, if declared. The amount and duration of guaranteed income as income as well as bonus depends upon the plan option chosen and is paid on survival, subject to payment of all due premiums.

5As per product terms & conditions.

  • Future Generali Lifetime Partner Plan (UIN: 133N086V01) – This is an Individual, Non-Linked, Participating (with-profits), Savings, Life Insurance Plan
  • Future Generali New Assured Wealth Plan (UIN: 133N085V01) - This is an Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Savings, Life Insurance Plan
  • Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan (UIN: 133N063V03) - This is an Individual, Non Linked, Non-Participating (without profits), Pure Risk Premium, Health Insurance Plan.

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