It's hard to know what to do when you're stuck in a lockdown that keeps increasing. It's all the more difficult when you have little kids wanting out! Sitting at home, all day and night, over and over, can really suck your energy and make everyone cranky and downtrodden. Here are some indoor games and activities to keep everyone happy even though they can't go outdoors.

Staying inside can leave everyone feeling restless. Release the pent-up energy with follow-along dance classes or 30-minutes Zumba on Bollywood dance numbers that will get the whole family bouncing. Alternatively, tap into Youtube for pilates or yoga tutorials, or you can download or HealthifyMe apps for on-demand workout videos.

Start Learning

Ever fancied learning how to draw, knit, sew, or bake bread? The COVID-19 induced lockdown is the perfect time to begin. There are many applications like Duolingo, LinkedIn Learning, Tasty, and BYJU's that you can use to update your skills. You can even learn skills from each other - after all 'each one, teach one' should start at home!

Bring Out the Boards

When you're staying inside, the best thing to do is to bring out all the board games carrying dust. Whether its carom, ludo, UNO, or snakes and ladders - it's great to play indoor games when you can't go out. Moreover, if your kids have never experienced anything beyond gaming on their screens, it's time to give them a trip down your childhood. There are many types of indoor games for kids that you can get delivered to your home.

Enjoy Baking

Fill the home with the sweet smells of baking and get everyone into the kitchen to create an indoor picnic. All Recipes blog is brilliant for engaging children in cooking, they offer video tutorials, ingredients adjustments and step-by-step instructions. Once you're done, you can all kick-back, stay inside and indulge in the fruits of your labour!

Plan an Indoor Garden

There's no better time than this lockdown to start an indoor garden. You, along with your family, can watch the indoor plants grow right in front of your eyes. Since you must have a lot of free time at hand, you can use it well and create something from scratch. You can buy gardening accessories from Amazon to get started.

Get Improvising

Can't go to a bowling alley or spa? Bring them to you! Have some fun and fill up water bottles to create your own bowling alley. If that sounds too much, turn your bathroom into a spa with candles. Don't forget to create a face mask and a glass of cucumber water. When staying inside, you need to think of indoor games and activities to enjoy so you don't get bored! 

Finally, we rarely have the opportunity to enjoy our home and family, and a lockdown provides the perfect excuse. Even if you simply just want to grab the duvet, tuck into some homemade cupcakes or enjoy a long family meal and make the most of every second!