Unit Linked Insurance Plans(ULIPs) merge the safety of an insurance plan with the earning potential of investments. A part of the premium is redirected to funding the insurance cover, while the rest of the premium is invested in a variety of funds.

Future Generali India Life Insurance ULIPs give you the flexibility to switch between different fund options. Future Generali India Life ULIPs offer up to various funds - each fund is created with a distinct investment strategy in mind. Some funds are created to give low but constant returns to the investor. Other funds are created for people with greater risk-appetites. The returns can be high, but they are uncertain.

For instance, consider two funds offered by Future Generali India Life Insurance: Future Income Fund & Future Midcap Fund. Future Income Fund invests in low-risk assets, predominantly debt instruments, where returns come from interest on loans. Future Midcap Fund, on the other hand, invests in mid-cap to large-cap companies to multiply your wealth over the years. Both these funds can help you achieve separate financial goals. While the Future Income Fund can help finance your retirement plans, Future Midcap Fund can generate enough capital shortly to enable you to start your own business.

Future Generali India Life Insurance recognises that as people grow, their financial priorities change. People also adapt their investment strategies to make the best out of market conditions. Therefore, Future Generali India Life Insurance ULIPs allow you to switch between funds at no extra cost 12 times in a year. Beyond this, a charge of ₹ 100 is applicable per switch. You can switch amounts as low ₹ 5,000. Thus you can test the market waters before committing larger amounts to a fund. In this way, Future Generali keeps your investments flexible.

After the first year of a Unit Linked Insurance Plan, you can also redirect more or less of your premiums towards investment. You can reprogram your ULIP plan to strengthen the safety net for your loved ones. You can do this by redirecting premiums towards boosting the insurance cover of the plan. Similarly, you can also rewire your ULIP plan to grow your wealth by redirecting premiums towards the investment funds. You can redirect premiums twice every year.

Thus, Future Generali India Life Insurance ULIP plans offer unlimited switches and two premium redirecting opportunities every year. This ensures that you change your investment styles as your needs change and adapt to take advantage of market conditions.