Critical Illness - Be financially ready

Life is unpredictable. Unexpected medical emergencies can not only affect your physical and mental condition impede your financial planning as well. The financial implications of treating critical illnesses have led to massive debts in many households.

There are many expenses in times of critical health such as expensive medical bills, hospitalisation costs, post-treatment care, home care expenses, and providing financial security to other family members. How would you bear these financial obligations? Would you need to borrow from family or friends? Would you need to break into your savings? Or would you need to take a loan?

Insurance is considered to one of the best ways to stay secure. Find out how critical illnesses affect families and how critical insurance can help you to meet the financial needs when dealing with medical emergencies:

How critical illness insurance helps you to be financially prepared

With a critical illness policy, you get high cover at a low premium

To the young and healthy, the thought of experiencing a critical illness seems remote and distant. However, owing to factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, exercising routines, and sleep patterns, both young and healthy are equally susceptible to critical illnesses. such as heart ailment, organ failure, neurological disorders and cancer to name a few

Solution: Buying a critical illness plan at a nominal cost at an early age is one of the best ways to be financially prepared for health issues. Consider this; with a Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan, a 35-year- old male may get Rs. 10 lakh critical illnesses cover for 10 years for a monthly premium of about Rs. 471 including taxes.

You can opt for individual critical illness policies for your whole family

Critical illnesses,such as kidney failure, heart attack and cancer, can affect anyone in your family irrespective of age and gender. When one member of a family is diagnosed with a critical illness, it affects the whole family. Besides the financial burden, the time and energy spent on arranging for treatment, ensuring recovery and post-treatment care can be stressful. While you deal with the non-financial aspects associated with critical illnesses , you must ensure that at least financially, you and your family members are

Solution: When planning finances for your healthcare costs, you may want to consider an individual critical illness policies for your entire family – spouse, parents, in-laws, children and siblings. Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance policy can be the financial security that prevents any hardship in maintaining your family’s lifestyle while dealing with medical exigencies.

Your incidental expenses are covered by critical illness insurance

When a critical illnesses is diagnosed, most medical insurance policies typically cover hospitalization expenses. However, the claim amount may not be enough to cover all other incidental expenses such as post-treatment care, rehabilitation, and the loss of income during the treatment and recovery period.

Solution: Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Policy offers a lump sum amount when you are diagnosed with any of the listed conditions. This lump sum amount will help you cover both your medical expenses and other incidental costs. In this way, you can take time off work and spend the time required during the treatment and recovery period.

You can get cover for different stages of critical illness with a return of premium

Not all insurance policies cover different stages of critical illnesses. Moreover, the premium paid for insurance, over the tenure of the policy, would be a considerable amount. Upon maturity, it would be beneficial to get a return on premium paid.

Solution: With a Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan, you get an option that covers you and family from the medical costs of more than 59 illnesses including minor, moderate and major stage heart and cancer conditions. Upon maturity in your lifetime, you receive a sum of all the installment premiums you have paid excluding taxes, rider premium, modal loadings, extra underwriting premiums, and any critical illness benefits you may have received under the plan.

In times of critical health, by choosing a critical illness insurance policy, such as Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan, you can reduce the burden of your financial obligations, secure the financial future of your family and focus your energy on treatment and recovery.

# 59 Critical Illnesses are covered under Critical Illness Cover (Option 2) and Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium (Option 4)