Cancer not only strikes your health but also takes a toll on your wealth and thus your family’s future. Many families who are not financially stable often struggle to keep up with their daily needs while paying for the expensive cancer treatments. Therefore, it is always a wise step to secure the future with Future Generali’s Cancer Insurance Plan and get the best treatment without putting a breach in the financial security of your family.

How much can cancer treatment cost you?

Critical illnesses such as cancer, not only affects families emotionally, it is an immense financial liability. High treatment costs are one of the main factors. How much does it cost? Why is it so expensive? How to deal with factors? How to deal with the expenses? Find out more...

"Cancer is NOT just a health issue"

Not only does cancer cause emotional and physical distress, the financial liability of cancer treatment is a 45% families with even one cancer patient face exorbitant expenses1

25% families are pushed below poverty line1

The minimum cost of cancer treatment is almost twice the net annual income of an average Indian.

The severe economics of different types of cancer treatment

Cancer type
(1 USD = INR 64.505)*
Cancer surgery
Min. cost of chemotherapy /
radiotherapy (per cycle)3
Rs 1 Lakh

Head and Neck

Rs. 2.5 L - Rs. 4.1 L

Rs. 25,801


Rs. 2.9 L - Rs. 3.5 L

Rs. 32,252


Rs. 1.9 L - Rs. 3.2 L

Rs. 12,900


Rs. 3.8 L - Rs 5.1 L

Rs. 51,603


Rs. 3.2 L - Rs. 4.5 L

Rs. 51,603


Rs. 3.5 L - Rs. 4.8 L

Rs. 64,504


Rs. 2.3 L - Rs. 3.6 L

Rs. 25,801


Rs. 2.9 L - Rs. 3.5 L

Rs. 25,802


Rs. 2.3 L*

Cost of radical prostatectomy surgery - Rs.5.2 lakhs4

*As per rates on 19th December 2017 Please note - The costs mentioned above are estimates of treatment in India from healthcare advisory companies. It could vary from case to case.

Given the hard facts on expenses, it makes you wonder, Why are cancer treatment costs so high?

  • Lack of medical infrastructure
  • Expensive medical instruments
  • Availability of medical experts and doctors. Approximately 1 doctor per 2000 patients
  • Lack of tertiary care facilities leading to delayed diagnosis and detection

Despite the trials caused by cancer, families have to find ways to win the battle. Asking for help is the first step. While you would need to cope with the emotional and psychological struggle, you can leave the rest to us.

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