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Hard stat make heart diseases a concern in india

Presently, there are approximately 30 million Indians who suffer from heart ailments. This just not includes the urban and economically well-off but also underprivileged individuals. Another surprising fact about heart diseases in India is that 25% of heart- related deaths occur to people aged below 40 years. ajor causes of heart diseases include lack of awareness, illiteracy, lack of accessibilities, high treatment costs and many more. The growth of heart diseases is dependent on several interlinked factors such as stress, bad eating habits, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, ageing and many more.

All these factors make it immensely crucial for every Indian citizen to invest in a valuable health insurance policy.

heart diseases problem in india
Did you know that among other titles, India is also seen as the heart disease capital of the world? It is estimated that very soon the highest number of heart disease cases will be from India.

There are about 30 million heart patients in India (16 million from rural areas & 14 million from urban)

Every year, 2 lakh heart surgeries are performed

25% of the heart related deaths, especially heart attack happen to those less than 40

If this trend continues then by 2020 the problem of heart related diseases in India will surpass many other countries of the world


Lack of awareness

Lack of accessibility


The high cost of effective & efficient treatment

Inadequate facilities

Social Stigma

Additionally, the growth of the disease depends on other factors which are interlinked like:

Access to healthcare

Changing lifestyle

Junk food

Bad eating habits


Lack of knowledge

Lack of exercise


Tobacco use

No preference given to health

Consumption of alcohol

Erratic sleeping schedule

This is a disease which affects not only those from urban families who are well-off but the under-privileged too.

While exercising regularly, eating healthy and going for frequent health check-ups is primary, it's not all you can do to care for your heart. Given the rapid rise in the number of new cases of CVD in india; you can never be sure that you are completely safe from it.Therfore, getting heart insurance is the smartest way to ensure yourself financially in case you are diagnosed with a heart allment.

Future Generali's Heart & Health Plan provides you with a comprehensive critical illness cover against 59 illness including heart and cancer-related allments. With the flexibility to choose from 4 options, you can pick the ideal cover that best suits your needs.

# 59 Critical Illnesses are covered under Critical Illness Cover (Option 2) and Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium (Option 4)

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