Critical illness insurance guide

Individuals these days are at an increasing risk of falling prey to lifestyle diseases. With the increasing predominance of such diseases in India, nearly 61 percent of deaths are now attributed to non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardio-vascular sicknesses (Source: World Bank).

Although, adopting a healthy diet and following an exercise regime could keep many such unwanted ailments at bay, but, sometimes with age or due to hereditary reasons, the chance of developing life-threatening diseases increase. Moreover, unlike minor sicknesses, the treatment in such cases could financially deprive the family as the costs may run into several lakhs.

If you already hold a health coverage (Mediclaim or Family Floater), perhaps it's time to consider having an additional financial buffer through ‘critical illness health insurance plan’. Considering the changing lifestyle, diseases identified with work life and individuals getting a heart attack as early as at the age of 35 (Source: NCBI), buying a critical illness plan now can save money on premium and rule out the financial stress caused due to the rising treatment cost of such dangerous ailments.

Future Generali offers a ‘Heart and Health Insurance Plan’ to secure you financially against the treatment and medical expenses on diagnosis of critical illness. Here’s your guide to buying a critical illness health insurance:

How does Critical Illness Health Insurance works?

Critical illness insurance is medical coverage that pays a lump sum amount, on diagnosis of serious ailments like cancer, heart attack, coma, paralysis, kidney failure, brain tumor etc. The lump sum benefit can be used to pay for the cost of care and treatment, recovery cost and even pay off any outstanding debt if taken. Notwithstanding your hospital costs, the insurer pays the entire amount on the diagnosis and does not ask for medical bills or hospitalization expenses.

What are the illnesses covered under critical illness health insurance plan?

The Heart and Health Insurance plan offered by Future Generali covers 59 critical illnesses. Some of these are- heart attack, stroke, cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, major organ transplant, kidney failure, aorta surgery, and paralysis to name few. The coverage amount (sum assured) can be anywhere from Rs 5 lakh upwards to maximum 50 lakhs.

How Much Should You Buy?

Cost of treatment of critical ailments are typically in lakhs, and you may have to resort to either breaking existing investments or borrowing from relatives. Moreover, contracting a chronic disease negatively impacts your earning potential as well. Ideally, you must look at a cover above Rs 10 lakh considering the fact that the entire amount is given after diagnosis for treatment and recovery.

While deciding the sum assured, consider your expenses such as payment for EMI, and rental payments if any. Such expenses need to be taken care of to overcome the loss of income during hospitalisation.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Critical Illness Insurance:
  • • Your Present Situation

The first thing to keep in mind, is financial needs of your family, your age and your dependents. Having senior citizens or children in the family might signal that you need extra cover for sudden ailments like heart attacks and strokes.

When your family depends on you, having a critical illness plan with an additional layer of safety for your loved ones is always a good idea. Hence choose a plan that offers sufficient financial aid so that the needs of your family are not compromised when you are not working.

  • • Your Health Condition

Your present health can be a deciding factor while buying a critical illness health insurance. If you have a hectic work life or you are a habitual smoker, you are more prone to health problems in the future.

Also, consider your family’s history of ailments as you might be susceptible to such health challenges going ahead.

  • • Choose a Plan Which Gives Comprehensive Coverage

Before selecting critical illness insurance, go through the list of ailments covered. It’s better to select the plan that covers maximum critical conditions. Additionally, read the terms and conditions thoroughly to be aware of the exclusions in the plan.

If you have any doubts regarding the policy wordings, make sure you talk it out with your insurer before signing the documents.

How to Buy a Critical Illness Health Insurance?

Now, buying critical illness health insurance is easy. And the good news is that you can avail an online discount on buying it directly from Future Generali’s website. All you need to do is:

  1. • Choose the amount of sum assured
  2. • Choose your policy term option
  3. • Choose your coverage option (Heart & health insurance plan has four options)
  4. • Fill in your application
  5. • Pay your premium


Keeping in mind the uncertainties that life throws your way, invest wisely in critical illness insurance and live peacefully! Generate a quote for Heart and Health Insurance plan now.

# 59 Critical Illnesses are covered under Critical Illness Cover (Option 2) and Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium (Option 4)