5 Important Financial Lessons From Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, or Bappa as he is fondly addressed is associated with wisdom and knowledge. He is also considered as the destroyer of evil and the remover of obstacles and his worship is believed to bring in prosperity, wealth, and growth in the life of devotees. We often find offices adorned with Ganesha’s idol. The reason for that is because Lord Ganesha has a lot to offer when it comes to financial wisdom. With the turbulent times our economy is going through it wouldn’t hurt to seek divine intervention from the God of intellect and wisdom. Below are 5 financial lessons from Lord Ganesha.

  • Be ready to face uncertainties
    The elephant God is also known as Vighnaharta, which means the remover of obstacles and difficulties in life. The pandemic has shown us how unpredictable and uncertain life can be. And it has also taught us to be prepared for these uncertainties. We can take inspiration from Ganesha’s Vignaharta avtar by being prepared forehand for the obstacles and difficulties we might face in the future by buying life insurance. We can’t predict the future but we can be the hero of our own lives and that of our loved one by securing them with life insurance.

  • Pay Attention and Listen To What’s Happening Around You
    Ganesha is also known as Lambakarna, which literally means the one who has long and big ears. Through this avatar Lord Ganesha teaches us to have our ears open wide to absorb what’s happening around us and take decisions accordingly. There’s a lot of information available loosely on financial tools and investments but not all of them are tailor made for us or the stage that we’re in life. Hence it is important to pay attention and listen to financial advisors who are skilled to enough to suggest you the right financial tools that will help you meet your financial goals. Interested in securing your financial future but not sure where to start? Get in touch with our financial advisor now by clicking here.

  • Stay Focussed on Your Financial Goals
    When we set our minds on a goal it is important to stay focussed on it and to also take all the necessary steps to achieve it. A goal without a plan is just a goal. Therefore when we commit to a financial goal, it is important that we remain focussed on it. E.g., if we intend to buy a house in the next 5 years, we need to stay focussed on saving and set limits for our expenses or rather plan them out better. We can seek inspiration from the Chinteshwara avtar of Ganesha who remains in deep thought and whose eyes are focussed on one point.

  • Learn to Endure and Adapt Through Volatile Times
    Through the flexibility and endurance of his trunk, Lord Ganesha teaches us to harbour an adaptable nature towards our finances. As an investor, you will experience highs and lows reflecting in your portfolio depending on the performance of the market. Sometimes the market conditions might not be in your favour and may even affect your investments. But it is important to remember that the sky eventually clears and probably with good returns.

  • Let Go Of Bad Investments
    Sometimes holding on to our financial decisions can cause us more harm than good, hence when the time comes it’s important to scrap bad investments from our portfolio. For this we can take inspiration from Ganesha’s tusk that is said to act with the brain rather than the heart and eliminate any bad apples that are harming your wealth.

    We are sure that these financial lessons inspired by Lord Ganesha, will improve your financial decision making and help you see better returns in the future. Want to start investing but not sure how to begin, get in touch with our financial advisor by clicking here.