Save money and money will save you!

At every stage of our lives, we need money to meet our ever-changing needs at different stages of life. Having a solid financial portfolio is essential to meet these needs. As a result, people invest in high-risk funds believing that they are building a strong financial portfolio; however, their returns are low. In order to avoid making such large mistakes, you must know HOW to invest before you know WHERE to invest.

Let’s begin with HOW to invest and make a strong financial portfolio that can save you!

3 Key Features of a Strong Financial Portfolio

The best portfolio is one that combines a good return with a lower or equal level of risk. This is determined by the risk appetite of the investor. Here are some features to consider:

Diverse Investments: By diversifying, you reduce your risk. However, this doesn't mean investing only in debt (guaranteed returns). An investment portfolio should be balanced between equity investments (risk-based, non-guaranteed returns) and debt investments. It is important to consider your age when deciding what percentage of your portfolio should be invested in equity or debt.

Limited But Smart Investments: Are you regularly adding new investments to your portfolio? Then, you are probably "di-WORSE-ifying" your financial portfolio because you are most likely to end up with an unmanageable mixture of investments instead of a simple, smartly chosen, manageable, and reliable portfolio that balances your risk and return.

Balanced Investments: As the name suggests, a balanced portfolio is a fair mix of diverse and limited investments. Once you achieve it, keeping your age in mind, all you have to do is monitor, re-balance and/or replace those investments from time-to-time

After understanding HOW to invest, let us understand WHERE to invest.

Top 5 Must-Haves for a Strong Financial Portfolio

The financial portfolio of urban Indians should include the following five items based on your need and age:

#1. Need -Tax-Free High Market-Linked Returns | Solution - ULIPs

Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (commonly known as ULIPs) and mutual funds work in the same markets and provide the customer with a choice of tools and exposure to the risk. In recent times, ULIPs have become a favourable choice, and the returns on ULIPs are tax-free. Hence, invest in ULIPs during the early age of your life as the yield will be higher.

Suggested Plan - Future Generali Dhan Vridhi

#2. Need - Guaranteed Returns to Secure Your Child's Future | Solution - Child Plans

Parents have a big role in the life of a child's future. Every parent would want to secure their child's future by opting for the best financial tools. A strong financial foundation will help a child grow with confidence, and you would be able to provide for their all financial needs. These plans would provide guaranteed returns for the child to continue their education, even in the absence of the parents.

Suggested Plan - Future Generali Assured Education Plan

#3. Need - Financial Security for Loved Ones in Your Absence | Solution - Term Plans

Term life insurance provides financial security to your loved ones in the event that you pass away unexpectedly. It is also the simplest and most cost-effective form of life insurance.

Suggested Plan - Future Generali Term Plan with Return of Premium

#4. Need - Financially Secured Health | Solution - Health Plans

Having a health plan is almost like having a blessing in disguise. In today’s fast-paced life, a health plan is exceptionally important to manage funds in case there’s an unfortunate emergency. A

Suggested Plan - Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan

#5. Need - Monthly income in Your Retirement | Retirement Plan

A retirement plan offers you a monthly income option, which helps you plan and save today to have a secure, non-dependent tomorrow. Moreover, the pay-outs of retirement plans are also tax-free. Additionally, retirement plan payouts are tax-free.

Suggested Plan - Future Generali Lifetime Partner Plan


In conclusion to the topic "5 Must-Haves in your financial portfolio", it’s clear why you need a solid financial portfolio, what you need to include in a financial portfolio, and the features of a sound financial portfolio. For additional information, visit the Future Generali India Life Insurance website.