Rahul and Shruti, who had been married for two years, just found out the greatest news of their lives - they were going to be parents! They were over the moon and soon enough, they informed their families about the joyful news as well. Amidst all the excitement and congratulations, however, their families also started advising them on all the various preparations the couple needed to make before the arrival of the newborn.

It took no time before Rahul and Shruti realised that despite their best efforts, there were several factors they had failed to consider in preparation for parenthood. However, if there was one thing they could derive from the parenting advice they received from everyone, it was that there was still time for them to make the right choices from now on.

Like them, you too could suddenly find yourself somewhat unprepared for parenthood. But while the experience can seem demanding, parenthood can in fact be prepared for by keeping a few steps in mind:

1. Get some parenting advice:
Make sure to have long, detailed conversations with parents your age to get much-needed parenting advice and understand their daily struggles, needs and joys. When it comes to parenthood, each parenting style may be unique, but there is still a lot to learn from the experience of others. For instance, Rahul and Shruti learned from talking to their friends that many of them had found themselves somewhat financially underprepared for parenthood.

Also, before your life takes a deep plunge into parenthood, get the head-start you need by babysitting for friends or family. Looking after a child, even for a short duration, will give you a good idea of the kind of challenges that may be posed by parenthood

2. Prepare your finances:
It is no secret that while parenthood can be fulfilling, it can also be quite expensive. In order to provide for a new life, the greatest parenting advice you can receive is to make sure your finances are stable and regularly maintained. Start setting aside budgets for your newborn child’s immediate expenses, such as food and clothing and also start saving up for future expenses such as school and college fees. A child education plan would be the best fit here.

Your weekly and monthly budgets are only going to expand, while it is possible that one of you might stay at home and thereby reduce an income source. So, plan accordingly and start making adjustments to your lifestyle and budgets right away to better accommodate your child’s future needs.

3. Become healthier:
It could be smoking, it could be regular drinking or even just an overdependence on ordering food from outside. With a newborn in the house, all unhealthy habits must go out the door and you should stop smoking at once. Not only will it create a safer, more nourishing environment for your child, but you can pass on these habits to him or her by eliminating them entirely from your lifestyle.

4. Find a good insurance plan:
Now that you have a whole new life to care for, you need to be prepared for any financial emergencies that may arise, no matter what. The only prudent way to do that is by ensuring adequate insurance coverage for your family and preferably availing other forms of insurance, such as health insurance, as well. In case your budget is tight, you should still be able to avail an affordable term insurance plan that provides ample financial coverage for all kinds of emergencies.

That is exactly what Rahul and Shruti did as well. They had never considered availing insurance before, but now for their newborn, they knew it was the right investment to make. They availed a term insurance plan right away, while keeping in mind that they could always transfer to a cash value policy in the future if they could afford it and wanted to.

5. Prepare yourself emotionally:
Lastly, do not forget that parenthood is, above all, an emotional experience. And while it might challenge you physically and financially, it can challenge you emotionally as well. While listening to parenting advice, it is normal to feel anxious or underprepared for what is to be the greatest experience of your life. However, remember not to let this anxiety dampen your spirits.

Rahul and Shruti realised that they were able to handle the pressures of to-be parenthood when they helped each other stay positive. They decided that anytime one of them felt nervous or worried, they would reach out to each other or their friends and family and not hesitate to share their concerns. This helped them create an emotionally healthy environment even before their child was born.

If like Rahul and Shruti, you too are about to be a parent, know that while parenthood comes with its share of challenges, it can also be the most rewarding experience of your life. All you need is to ensure a little preparation is in place, to provide you with the peace of mind you require at this anxious time. Start saving up, get your finances in order, quit any unhealthy habits and find a trusted term insurance plan to safeguard your family’s future, and you will be able to provide the ideal environment for your child to grow and thrive for years to come.

So, All the best!