• Receipt of policy

    Follow up with your insurance company or advisor if you do not receive your policy within 15 days of completing and submitting the application.

  • Check personal details

    On receipt of the complete package, review your policy document in detail to ensure that all personal information has been captured correctly. Also, check the policy features to ensure that you have purchased the same product that you had applied for. In case of any discrepancy, please contact your advisor immediately.

  • Benefits

    Check and ensure that all the features of the product have been mentioned in the document as were promised while filling the application form.

  • Tax benefits

    Review the tax benefits mentioned in the policy document and ensure that you clarify the same with your tax advisor. As per regulation, the exemptions will be under 80C/80CCC, 80D, 80DD and 10(10D).

  • Policy terms and conditions

    Read all terms and conditions carefully to avoid any discrepancies.

  • Policy return period

    You have the right to return the policy within 15 days from the receipt of the document. The insurance company will return your money after deducting the stamp duty and expenses incurred for your medical examination.

  • Renewal dates and standing instructions to the bank

    Ensure that you do not miss the renewal premium dates. Set up a standing instruction from your bank account so that premiums can be directly debited from your account a day prior to the premium due date.

  • Claim settlement options

    Claim can be settled through any of the below mentioned options:

    By cheque
    Through bank account transfer
    - Name as per your bank account
    - A cancelled cheque bearing printed name along with IFSC code or copy of bank passbook with IFSC code


Please note you have selected your policy after careful consideration. Therefore, do not get influenced by your agents or your friends/family and surrender your policy to take another one without proper research and consultation. In case of any doubt, please call the insurance company on their helpline and seek clarification.

*Premium for 30 year old, Non Smoker Male. Policy Term: 30 years for Basic Life Cover option inclusive of Goods & Services Tax. UIN 133N058V03