Ashish Tiwari:

Do SMBs have the capability of digital transformation during these times when budgets are very very tight?


Mani G:

This is one of the key questions that most of the SMBs have when you start talking about automation and so on and so forth. The time now is much more critical than anytime before. Because COVID has distanced people, the customers no longer are in direct contact with you. How do you actually communicate?

So it needs not being like buying big systems. Right? My lower guy in Singapore, I bought flowers from him for 25 years and the last three months I’ve met him. But what happened was he sent us all a what's up text. He created a group of flower bias, and then he put in, information relating to a schedule. When do you want the flowers to be delivered to you and give me your address. I can share my bank details with you and you just pay. He actually has got more customers than before, because he started with this. Now he's actually working with his son to build a small lab. He’s got a vicks website, which is hosted on azure now. He's now trying to showcase, different things. Hs now trying to get garden stuff with flowers. This is where the change in the process comes in.  Today if you have an idea, you don't need to get a big software house to build things for you.

You can actually work with some very good motivated university students. In fact, when I started my business in Singapore, the first few recruits that are college grads are people who want to intern. They actually brought in such a lot of talent. And we use our wisdom to guide them and magic happens.

That's what I think you should do. Timing is NOW. It is not about tomorrow, it is not about yesterday, it is about now.