Rakesh Wadhwa:

If this work from home or work from remote locations becomes a way to go do you see, this will also lead to compensation adjustments? Organizations will be able to save their costs and people living in those cities also save costs.


Rajshree R:

We have not had any of those conversations within our company, but I have seen some examples of, other companies, especially in the US, where they have offices at very high price location, like California, have actually said that, if you're not going to come to this location, then don't expect California salaries. So we've started to see some of those notions. Also maybe, as we were doing other businesses, to save costs, you transfer some of that cost to another bucket. So really no conversations that I've seen in the company around some of these concepts. But, um, I think eventually, the adjustment of the cost model will also happen. Now, I think it's really early days. I don't see that conversation happening in 2020 for sure, because we have to still survive this year. And this has been super crazy so far. But, I think a lot of those concepts will start to appear.