Rakesh Wadhwa:

Do you see reverse migration of IT professionals or for that matter any professionals to tier two and tier three city? We've been facing the situation that people from tier three, four cities have been moving to metros and bigger cities in search of employment but we're sort of in a situation that you can actually have the best of the worlds to you have a quality of life.


Rajshree R:

I don't see that happening as yet. I spoke about the whole inequality in opportunities concept. So equitable opportunities, really begin from when you're a child. Where you live should not dictate how you live. I personally think models like this will open up opportunities. It is very prevalent in countries like the US,  where people actually live in remote places and they manage to work. I mean, they've probably traveled to work every day because they can. But now they do manage to do a lot, a big part of their work from their home or from remote locations.

I don't know how this is going to pan out. So we, using for example see the concept of more satellite offices. So today, when I showed you that beautiful building, 40,000 people are coming into that building every day. Will we start seeing TCS office in every suburb of Mumbai for example?  Do not read this model as a model of work from home. We're not saying that everybody's going to sit at home. We are saying that you're going to be remote which is a very different concept. So will we see more satellite offices coming up in the future, not just for companies like us, but any companies. So even if you're running, for example, a physical laboratory set up, will we be seeing smaller and smaller, laboratories coming up in smaller towns, smaller cities, a smaller place and so on. Well, a lot of it will depend on the connectivity, especially in a country like ours, which we still see as challenges. We find that in tier 2-3 cities connectivity is still an issue. But I think this notion of building these gigantic physical structures which houses thousands of people, will undergo change. I actually feel that it might not be work from home, but I feel a notion of a satellite office or smaller locations. I would not call them an office. Probably a collaboration center.

I'm just guessing right now. And we'll have to figure some of these things out, but maybe we do anticipate the market in somewhat that direction.