Rakesh Wadhwa:

Is compassion not a matter of time for AI in the ways things are going? If they could emote or just learn to understand the context. Is that true?


Jasprit Bindra:

We never thought that creativity could become an AI trait, So why don't we think that compassion cannot become an AI Trait? I told you about the fact that I went to the Singularity University a couple of years back and singularity university draws its name from the word singularity has many meanings. It's that time before the big bang but in the technology context singularity also means the year, the actual time, When human intelligence and artificial intelligence will Merge. And after that artificial intelligence will be greater than human intelligence at that contact. That year is supposed to be 2042. Now what is that when they say intelligence? What does it mean? Does it mean only the IQ and creativity various things with the brain can do. Or also what the heart can do? So far everything that has been developed in AI has to do with the brain. So you heard the word neural networks or even deep learning or the way people are mapping how the brain works. And then kind of trying to replicate that to make AI. After singularity when AI become more powerful than human beings. Another book which is a very favorite book of mine says that AI is probably man's final invention outlasted mentioned. And after that game and different stuff and maybe then they can start in renting compression or allow war.

Most of the AI work is happening far more of cognitive ability rather than on compassionate and love abilities. But who knows about the future.