Rakesh Wadhwa:

How does one prepare oneself for this scenario?


Jasprit Bindra:

In the last hundred years or so organizations have come up and become these very powerful organizations today, and they have hundreds of employees. We have started kind of becoming expecting is that the organization will prepare us for the future. And that it's the organization's responsibility. We are very entitled in that sense. I think that mindset shift needs to happen. That look, it's not the organization, which will prepare you. It's you yourself who needs to get prepared. And so you need to learn. And let me give you some concrete examples. Now, look, there are so many new things coding. For example, learning to code is becoming as important as learning English, without learning English. You could not land a new job a few years back through decades back.

And the same thing is what will happen to people who can't code, because it's going to become a life skill. Like maybe it doesn't matter how old you are. Maybe that's something that you learn.

That will, is what will make you very backfill, because certainly you can do many things. And if one of those or two of those jobs disappear, there are the things that, don't stop your education with your engineering, MBA, CA, whatever. Learn every year or every 18 months.