Rakesh Wadhwa:

In this pandemic situation, have you seen this accelerating your business?. And are you more bullish about the future especially after what we are going through?


Rajeev Karwal:

We seeing almost a 3000% to 4000% increase in terms of demand on the floor vacuum cleaners.

There is a huge increase in interest in the window cleaning robots, the swimming pool cleaning robots because all the swimming pools are not open at this point, in time the air duct cleaning robots and there is a massive interest by the corporates and facility management companies for our humanoids now. And also by the restaurants and the hospitality industry for our food delivery robots. Which earlier was a little bit sceptical and now people are coming back and saying let's see what we can create together.

Hardware capabilities exist. It is now that our company has to work with individual corporates et cetera on the humanoids to develop more use cases. A humanoid can be not just a receptionist but can also be a salesperson behind the counter. It can itself independently be the checkout counter. We can have robotic vending machines at airports which are moving around and actually going to the customers rather than the customers coming to these vending machines. They can be self-cleaning they can be served diagnostic.

There is so much which is possible. Yes cost is an aspect but as the volume increases costs will also come down.