Rakesh Wadhwa:

Which is at one sector that you would want to put your money on today.


Rishad Tobaccowala:

I believe 5G is going to be very big. So just like Jio was very big for India, I think 5G it's tremendous and I've seen it. 5g in addition to having very low Fall back, the speed is approximately a hundred times plus than 4G. Which people don't realize how that changes stuff. Which is it's pretty remarkable. So Given 5G like Qualcomm and Skyworks and micron and a whole bunch of other things, that’s one area.

The other one is health but particularly genetic biotechnology health. So one of the sectors that has done pretty well despite COVID - 19 is actually healthcare. Especially Biotech. We've now understood that if can close an economy because we don't want to stay alive it's staying alive is very important.

And the third area that is very important is the technology that allows remote everything. So anything to do with remote working from home. The zooms et cetera of the world. Anything remote. So remote, biotech 5G.