Rakesh Wadhwa:

Brands are today sending out messages to their customers that they care and so on and so forth. And there was a big joke going on, on social media that suddenly the brands are all concerned about us. So that's your domain. How do you have a brand started That doesn't seem like a gimmick. Also, are brand collaborations a good idea at this point?


Harish Bijoor:

I don't think brand collaborations are a good idea at this point of time because each brand must survive on its own. That's the second part of the answer. The first part is brands are Looking like wolves in sheep's clothing the way they talk stuff. Like how are you? Are you safe? Stay safe. Be safe. We often do this. But this sounds hollow. Stop doing this. Everybody is doing it when everybody does it it's just too much. It's coming out from everywhere. So just stop. Stay real, be real.

There's always a time to communicate with the consumer. Phase one of the lockdown when it happened is not the phase when you must communicate with the consumer because the communication that you're taking out to him is out of his capacity. Because in phase one the consumer is full of fear full of anger, confused. The consumer is talking 99 I'm listening only one. In phase two of the lockdown the consumer is slightly more settled. And is listening maybe 20 and talking 80 still because there is still fear. Phase three of the lockdown, maybe it's 50 50 maybe not. You must start talking to the consumer but don't talk hundred the way he used to do from top down into the consumer I need the skin and through every medium that is don't do that because it's still 50 50 consumers listening.