Rakesh Wadhwa:

What's your view on the higher education? Do you think studying in India will be preferable than studying abroad? Especially in the context of Atmanirbhar Bharat?


Harish Bijoor:

Higher education. Firstly I would say that this is the most potent time for anybody to invest in education higher education. Because very simply speaking the opportunity loss is next to zero. Because please understand the reality of our lives is that lot of people are going to lose jobs. A lot of people are going to have disagreements. A lot of people are not going to have any agreement and maybe a very few people will have in claimants in this kind of scenario where jobs are gonna be like leaves during autumn. You need to be careful. So. It's important to understand zero loss to study or to do anything in higher education.

I do believe personally that you have the best higher education institutions in India itself. And we have 11 of them listed as names. I would not pick any one name because I teach in two of them. If you really look at it, this is the time to invest in higher education, India or outside, vert frankly, it does not matter.