Rakesh Wadhwa:

In today’s scenario without meeting our customers business partners on the regular basis how does one retain and increase sales?

Harish Bijoor:

Selling is in our DNA. And if you really look at it selling is all about being in front of someone and selling it to him. That's the best way of selling. That's called one is to one asset. There are many models of selling though. One is the one selling. It is me standing in front of you and trying to sell you something. Okay. And the second way of selling is one is to many. Me coming in front of a small group of 20 people and trying to sell something to them. That is less efficient than one is to one The third way of selling one is to all. Which is going behind the television screen. I'm not glamorous enough to do it. So I get maybe I get and actor and promote a particular brand of product. That is one is too all. Now please note that society of selling is going to move from one is to one to one to one is to many. We are going to be talking to groups of people and not people. And when you want to talk to all you're going to be talking through the mode of a zoom conversation or a WebEx conversation or a conversation online and guess what? All of these are going to fall into place. The one is the one contact is going to be placed by possibly an audio call or a video call with that human being.

We do work in the real estate market for a large number of players selling a home. Now they have walked the walk throughs and videos of every kind videos which you can see except for touch, literally you get the experience of what's happening. So a lot of our selling strategies have to take one step back but I suspect and this is going to be for a short period of time.  Don't worry about it because the person you're selling to understands your problem. Yes you can look into his or her or their eye and talk to them but at least you're able to talk to them from a distance and you're able to spend as much time as they want you to spend by literally being there. I mean I can literally touch you literally.

That's the problem with technology. I mean you don't know where your body ends and where technology begins. Use that to advantage. Where your body ends, technology begins. And in selling technology selling is going to be a new piece.