Rakesh Wadhwa:

In the Atmanirbhar bharat era how do you achieve innovation and go local in a marketplace where global companies are still dominating? What would be the recipe to survive and succeed?


Harish Bijoor:

Small is beautiful - is once again a happy statement that's coming in. What's really happening is COVID-19 is making a lot of nations insular. Brick and mortar businesses are becoming insular. The sense that the coroner Kirana shop is going to bounce back again. The smaller doctor is going to bounce back again. The smaller dentist is going to bounce back again. It's the big guy who's we want to be looked at with a little bit of suspicion for a period.

And therefore big is not beautiful anymore. Small is beautiful. So if you are hooked onto that I would definitely say that there is the brick and mortar businesses trying to get insular Whereas virtual businesses want to be peninsular, they want to be all over the globe.

So if you are in brick and mortar you have a fantastic opportunity to reinvest a space that you can occupy and dominate.