Rakesh Wadhwa:

There are companies who are highly leveraged or have exposure on borrowings, how should they respond to these guys? And what would be your advice to them?


Ajai Chowdhry:

They are in for a tough time. Banks are not going to say, you don't need to pay. So I think they will need to look at all their assets and they will need to look at how to be more asset light and sell off some of their assets. Even if you really don't make too much money out of those assets, at least you get some cash. So, as I said earlier, the cash is going to be King. So you will need to figure out how to use less cash to do your work and how to generate cash from assets that you have. So those are the kinds of strategies that you will have to find. And some of them will fall by the way, some of them will figure out a new way of working and some of them will actually create newer businesses by which they can really grow in the future.