Ashish Tiwari:

How do smaller businesses cope up with the ever-changing technology?

Vivek Puthucode:

First the SMEs handle the challenge of being top of the visible app world.I think that's where the customer intimacy is very important. If you look at the example that we shadowed, a franchise in Philippines, that app doesn't have to be on top of a iOS store or, or Android store. They just need to be in the hands of the customers they serve. And the clientele or the demographic.

So how do you promote those ads to the target demographic? That sort of social media marketing, digital marketing comes heavily into the picture. So when you implement technology, you also have to make sure you communicate about that to your potential clients and potential customers. So it's never a one-step activity. It's series of steps that you need to make sure that the app or the digital interface that you developed is it writing center of your customers, otherwise, they simply not use it. So I think it's very important to promote it and use things like social media marketing tools that are available, which are also very.

So, how do we compete in a ever-changing world when technology is changing so fast?

That's what keeps many people awake, right? Because of the chances of disruption, what used to take 20 years for a business disruption that's happening in matters of weeks and months and years. So one of the things that I think I would say just SMBs is really to align.

That's why the move to cloud is extremely important. The technology changes happen. You don't have to worry about it. That's taken care of by the cloud providers. You don't have to sit and upgrade your systems or move to a different version. those days are over. That's all given to you as a service, right? It's given to you on a platter, but on a service. So it's very important for small, medium businesses to focus on their own business instead of running IT. But you don't want to be sitting up IT shop when you've got five people. I mean, it doesn't make sense. That's where adopting cloud is the best thing that's happened to small, medium businesses.