Rakesh Wadhwa:

There's a saying that he never let a crisis go waste. And you mentioned about travel and tourism industry and they would be the worst to hit from this crisis. So how might they deal with this situation?


Ajai Chowdhry:

I wouldn't like to be in that industry. It's a very tough time ahead. Till everybody starts trusting each other, that the person that they're going along with doesn't have COVID, it is not going to go with it. But there may be some innovations that may happen in the world, which will change this. And,  these kinds of innovations might bring around some methodology by which you can figure out that what kind of people can travel together. And those kinds of things we will get around, but I don't see that wave coming back till pretty much next year.

How will you get onto a cruise if you don't know who's going to walk with you. So I think this area is going to be very, very tough and I would suggest to people in the travel tourism industry to focus and refocus on the domestic market, look at strategies by which you can do a no touch, travel, very hygienic travel. I think hygienic travel will pick that up.