Rakesh Wadhwa:

With Work from home becoming a norm, how can companies maintain control over the flow of sensitive information, across different levels of business? Is that something that they should  worry about?


Ajai Chowdhry:

Actually, yes, they should be very worried about it. And this is where a lot of technology will come into play because, till now, all the technologies that have been developed for, connectivity, for example, virtual private networks, et cetera, were all oriented towards offices. Suddenly when people have to work from home, how do you provide the same or a different model of that at a much lower cost than what you had before? Some of these, work from home strategies instead of hardware might become more software oriented. And a lot of startups will seize opportunity to start creating products, which will mean that you will need less bandwidth to work from anywhere. And that kind of innovation will be required during this period to make people work from anywhere. People need very high bandwidth to operate, video calls and video conferences. All that needs to change because either the cost of providing broadband will keep on reducing, which is already happening or people will come up with new innovations to be able to run things with less bandwidth, because if you want to reach the rural market, how are you going to reach? Unless the bandwidth requirement is lower or same amount of bandwidth at much lower.