Munish Sharda

How do you look at this transformation from incrementalism versus a massive transformation of the business?


Alpesh Shah:

Banks and insurance companies have always been more traditional/conservative. And so it's always easier to say we're going to go down this path and do it incrementally. Let's see whether it proves itself and then we'll do it sort of one step at a time. The fintechs and the insuretechs have nothing to lose. So they are actually obviously a lot more a lot bolder. So they go in for all or go for broke. We'll have to find the right path in between but it honestly between incremental and going for bigger step changes I would rather go for bigger step changes. I don't think you can go from zero to hundred. That's a pretty tough ask because human beings are neither physical or digital. So I still firmly believe that that all of us are not wedded to one or the other. We are fans of convenience. And so it's going to be about finding the right balance that you can offer to customers. The value of going beyond just incremental is certainly bearing out right now. it just is forcing us to think bigger. So I would say that it was certainly not incremental. It is a bigger shift and it's a big bang approach that will help. That comes with more CapEx investments required in some cases. but I also think now a lot of technology also has become more bite sized. So if you look at a lot of the offerings that also comes Because it is SAS otherwise cloud offerings and so on. You can actually start looking at a large number of offerings which are no longer as bulky as they used to be. The bigger challenge is actually in the minds of all our people. It's actually in the mindsets. How can we change our mindsets faster? Because the question they're all saying is - are we being too conservative? Are we overreacting? And maybe some part of that might be true. The bigger challenge in this whole shift to digital is still going to be in our minds. The people who are older have all the decisions rights in most companies and unfortunately are not best proponents of digital. The 25 year olds 30 year olds should make these decisions. My daughter teaches me how to use my phone better than I ever will be able to use it but she will not have the decision. You look at all our organizations. The decision rights are sitting with the old people. So that is something that will have to change.