Munish Sharda:

What do you think will disappear as a result of this crisis? What will just disappear? And it'll not be the same again. Either a business or a process or activity or industry.

Alpesh Shah:

As a consultant, I fly a lot. That's going to change. I used to fly down for doing two-hour meetings that I would go from one city to the other to do to two-hour meetings. That's history now. I don't see why we've ever done that. And I don't see the upside of that at all. So that's one big shift that I clearly see is happening there. One process that is going to change how all of us conduct especially internal meetings. So the way we conduct internal meetings has to completely be transformed. The number of upsides it has is massive. We fly less. We get more time. So we are actually making ourselves more efficient. This would also be better for work-life balance. All of us get more time at work with family. That is the second big upside. Third is that you're flying less. We're actually reducing the carbon footprint. So the only ones who have been complaining are the airlines but for that, we actually have it's a win-win-win. It's great for all of us. It's great for the earth at large. Yes, there are some industries which are really going to get impacted. So that is certainly something that I see one process which is completely shifting. So all internal conversation that we're having as organizations, will see a complete shift. The second one is linked to that also hence the way we'll work. And I know you've seen this announcement from TCS saying 75% of the people that are going to be not going to go for work. It is a big number right. And I was talking to a bunch of architect friends of mine and they're seeing the number of requests they've got to do up home offices for people to see. So clearly again remote working is a big shift. The biggest upside that I see there is a big kicker for India as an economy. There are 80% of women who are Housewives. Not really working because they don't believe they can stick to the nine to six schedule and travel and so on. And do that the minute you say we can actually create 10-hour jobs, 10 hours a week, weekend jobs, 20 hours a week kind of job, we have a talent pool which is just sitting out there waiting to explore this economy.

So those two shifts and really excited.