Ruchira Bharadwaja:

Given the work from home scenario, what should one focus on? Should it be outputs or inputs?


Yogi Sriram:

It depends on the role one is handling. If you are a programmer or if you are in the job of coding and stuff I'm sure, companies have time sheets. And they're very particular about how you fill in the time sheets. So the output matters.  No output can be good enough unless the input is good. So the quality has to be excellent. This is a great question from the point of view of work from home because while in the Bloom's experiment on work from home done in 2015 one of the things started was quality of output. The quality of input will determine the quality of the output irrespective of the quantum of output. And that is extremely important. So the kind of distractions that you have the the kind of effort you put in is very different when you're working from home there are advantages and disadvantages.

And to answer your question in a short manner both matter but depends on the role you're doing. In very strategic roles input matters a lot. Output is difficult to measure. It can be measured, but in the longer run but input matters a lot. The kind of application the kind of detail you get into the kind of facts that you collect and so on are very important.