Do you get put off when people talk about investments? If your answer is yes or may be , we recommend that you go through this article with a hope that you stay awake till the end. Discussion on investing can be boring as products are complex and the jargons, fancy terms can come at a tangent to you. But should you miss the bus for early investments because you find it boring? Unquestionably not, you work hard to earn money, it’s necessary to understand that investment is a way of making your money earn for you and give you the rewards through future returns.So, for those who find investing boring, here is a compilation of the best investment options across categories to make it an easier decision for you.

  • Traditional Bank Fixed Deposits- A Good Option to Begin With

    Even though an extremely traditional option, bank fixed deposits attract the maximum investment, primarily because it is a safe source of investment. Moreover, you get tremendous flexibility on the amount you wish to invest and does not require you to consider the risks associated with the financial market.However, before investing, compare the interest rates offered by different banks and invest in those which offer the highest rate. Also, investing in fixed deposit may not be tax efficient or help you beat the inflation.

  • Market Investments- Investment Option with Higher Returns

    Market investments will earn you more than the traditional bank deposits if picked appropriately. That said, it's prudent to go for mutual funds or Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs), as these investment products put your cash in a widened pool of assets, i.e., equity, debt and balanced funds as compared to riskier individual stocks. Additionally, Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) make putting resources into such investments easy with monthly auto deductions. This helps in lowering the average purchase cost and eliminates the need to time market entry. With respect to other advantages, it initiates a disciplined investing for your long-term goals.

  • Investments Offered by Government- A Safer Option

    Government investments rank among the most secure and the generally hassle-free class of investments. Once you have contributed your cash in such investments, you can sit back and be guaranteed of the payout on maturity, with no additional efforts required from your end

    As far as investment choices are considered, there are bonds issued by the Reserve Bank of India, having no maximum limit on investment and maturity of 7 years. The Post Office Schemes are likewise quite beneficial, offering an interest rate higher than bank deposits. Another meaningful investment option includes the National Savings Certificates which are tax exempt too.

  • Life Insurance Plans- To Secure Your Future Financially

    Life insurance plans are the favoured investment options to save taxes. They come with a fixed maturity time frame and urge one to invest a fixed premium every year. However, one should not see life insurance plans exclusively as a tax saving option rather, get it as your life cover. The most prominent life insurance plans are Unit Linked Insurance Plans or ULIPs that invest in various funds and give you tax benefit under Section 80C.

ULIP Benefits:

ULIPs are the best blend of protection and investment, where premium paid goes to insurance protection and investment at the same time. Other ULIP benefits include the ability to switch between funds, availability of the top-up facility, partial withdrawal after five years, disciplined and regular savings to name a few.

So how should you go about investing:

While investing in the right financial product is essential, evaluating your investment periodically is also important to get your wealth to grow. Even if you don't check your investment’s performance every month, it is crucial to investigate every one of your investments at regular intervals, at least once a year. During such evaluations, it is imperative to stay away from rash choices to buy or sell.

Finally, don’t wait for the opportunity to knock. The most vital thing in investing is to start it now, regardless of how little your investment amount is. Start with a little sum and grow your investment, thereby securing yourself and your loved ones in the long run.