Typically, how long will it take for a person to figure out that he has it?

So there is something called an incubation period, which we call it as doctors that once the whitest. And does your body then for it to get into your system and cause the disease symptoms, like if I get coronavirus into my nasal and oral secretions from a droplet then it will take around on an average five to seven days to start manifesting itself.


What if I get the virus today, my symptoms will start after the gap of five to seven days?

The virus is trying to replicate inside your body, increase its numbers, and then kill the cells and cause the disease. At the moment most cases are happening after five to seven days of actual virus entering into your body, but they have noticed that certain cases have happened even up to 14 days after the virus enters, and that is the reason there is a 14 day quarantine.

If you have been listening to that, that people will be quarantined for 14 days and then they will be left free. That is the logic that the virus may stay without causing any symptoms for up to 14 days. And on the 14th day, the person may start having symptoms. So if somebody needs to be isolated or kept under observation or checked, they are at present following 14 days.