Become a Happier and Healthier Version of Yourself

Many of us dream of waking up one day, deciding to start a weight loss program and then be lighter, healthier and happier in couple of weeks. Although it sounds like a good idea, but it's not realistic. We often get overwhelmed with all of life’s obstacles and get too busy to exercise that we end up getting depleted.

But if you are ready to commit to making a change, we have come up with five simple steps that are gradual lifestyle changes that will take you on your way to become your best version in no time.

Cut Out Sugar Where You Can

Are you a dessert junkie who loves to eat cupcakes, brownies or ice creams frequently? Or do you enjoy drinking some sort of juice at every single meal? If yes, you need to stop this habit as eating too much sugar can affect your body adversely. Although it's difficult to cut back on sugar entirely, it's always easy to start small.

You can start slowly by training yourself to go ‘milk-only’ instead of adding sugar to your coffee. Similarly, instead of drinking soda or juice with your meals, you can opt for water.

Don't get us wrong, you can still indulge in some ice cream or a slice of birthday cake. But remember that these are just treats, which are not meant to be eaten all day, every day.

Find an Exercise You Actually Enjoy

Just because you don't like "conventional" exercise routines like going to the gym or running, don't think that you are bad at exercise. Remember that exercise is a pill which is best swallowed when you enjoy what you are doing.

So, to make things interesting, you can crank up the stereo and dance in your bedroom. Or you can play water volleyball, ride your bike, or walk to the park with your kids. In a nutshell, move your body by doing something you really enjoy.

Eat Out Less

In 2014, Public Health Nutrition published a study concluding that people who ate at restaurants consumed an extra 200 calories per day as compared to people who ate at home. So, if you eat out frequently, extra fats, calories, sugars, and salts are going to add up.

The best way to truly know what you are eating is to just cook food yourself. The simplest way to do so is to replace animal proteins and meats with tofu, beans or lentils, and boost it up with extra veggies. Further, you can also browse the internet for healthy recipes or reach out to your friends for the same.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is considered as the third pillar of health, first two being - getting proper nutrition and maintaining an active lifestyle. Today, research has only made it clear that not having a proper bedtime and lack of sleep can have serious health effects.

Meanwhile, getting a good night’s sleep is good for your mood, immune system and weight. Therefore, to ensure that you get enough sleep each night, set a bedtime. If you still have trouble sleeping, try mind relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

Get Rid of Your Bad Habits

If you are drinking or smoking excessively, you have probably known for a while that it’s time to stop. Because bad habits are only going to prove bad for your health. For instance, regular drinking and smoking can increase your risk of liver and lung cancer.

Therefore, if you want to live a fulfilling, healthy and long life, cut these habits before it’s too late. This will only make you feel more vibrant, a lot happier, and much healthier version of yourself.

Consider Purchasing A Cancer Insurance Plan

In spite of taking all these precautions, a medical emergency can strike anyone, anytime. Today, we often hear cases of people getting diagnosed with cancer, in spite of being physically fit. Although no one can remain immune to such a dreaded disease, we can at least secure ourselves financially by purchasing cancer insurance. Having a cancer cover policy will be worth the peace of mind knowing that if such medical situation strikes, you are covered.

Cancer insurance has become important today, especially, considering the rising cost of cancer treatment which can range anywhere between 2.5 lakhs to 20 lakhs. Without a cancer cover policy, you could quickly end up with a crippling amount of medical debt which can never seem to go away.

Here are some benefits of having a cancer cover policy:

  • Immediate lump sum payment of 25 percent of the sum assured on minor stage diagnosis
  • Waiver of premium for the next five years on cancer diagnosis
  • 100 percent payment of sum assured in case of major stage diagnosis
  • Monthly income of 2 percent of sum assured for a period of 5 years on detection of major stage cancer

As you adopt the ways mentioned above, keep in mind that maintaining good health isn’t merely a short-term goal. Therefore, adopt a healthy lifestyle for long-term by setting far-reaching goals that will help you stay healthy, no matter what life may bring.