It wasn’t just Gen Z and the elderly who bore the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millennials, those who fall in the 22 to 40 age group, were not spared either. The ones left behind have been hit the hardest. Many are still struggling to meet sky-high medical expenses. With the outbreak of a second wave of coronavirus, medical bills ran into lakhs of rupees, which unfortunately wiped out many family's lifetime savings and investments.

The rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 patients has millennials scrambling to buy health insurance. Health insurance swiftly came to people’s aid and helped them cope with rising medical bills. Apart from the obvious monetary benefits, a well-planned health insurance plan helps to keep you and your family safe during tough times.

The plan is a comprehensive health plan that covers 59 critical health diseases and safeguards you and your family against financial disability.

Benefits of Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan are:

  • Provides critical cover against 59 diseases
  • Covers you right from the diagnosis stage
  • Comes with inbuilt benefits in case of death
  • The plan provides flexibility of choice
  • Fixed benefit payout
  • Considerable discount if you buy online

Below, we have listed five major reasons why millennials should go for a health insurance plan. If you're a millennial or are interested in knowing more, read on or visit us at Future Generali Life Insurance to generate your health insurance plan at affordable rates.

Here are the top four reasons why Covid-19 has millennials scrambling to buy health insurance.

#1 – Young and Healthy Millennials Get the Advantage of Low Rates

When you're young, you’re more likely to be healthy. This means that you can take advantage of health insurance at low rates, which can help you save money once you reach a certain age. So, it's best to invest in an insurance plan as soon as you have financial independence at an early age. It’s best to opt for an established plan like the Future Generali India Life Insurance, so that you are never left in the lurch.

#2 – Millennials Will Have a Family of Their Own at Some Stage

Once you are married or plan to get married, your new family will be financially dependent on you. This means that you must plan ahead. The outbreak of Covid-19 has been an eye-opener for millennials as it has created much awareness about life insurance products. According to a survey, after Covid-19, the number of people who wanted to buy health insurance rose to 71%1. This figure was just 10% pre COVID.

#3 – Buying Insurance Plans is Easy for Millennials

With the advancement in technology, buying a health insurance plan has become so much easier. Through Future Generali India Life Insurance, you can quickly compare different health insurance plans, get a quote by filling up the necessary information and avail your policy in no time. You don’t need to visit an office to fill out the paperwork; it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

#4 – Second Wave of COVID-19 Has Impacted Millennials

COVID-19 brought life to a standstill. The second wave had devastating effects on millennials. Though some were financially prepared because their families paid the bills, others were left struggling to manage hospital expenses, and many had to borrow. This experience has made many millennials realize the value of health insurance in these uncertain times. To avoid any future setbacks, it’s best to set up a comprehensive health insurance plan for you and your family.


At Future Generali India Life Insurance, we have policies specially designed for millennials to protect their future and families' lives. Investing in the Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan is an ideal choice if you’re looking for ways to protect yourself from uncertainties. Talk to our financial advisor by clicking here.