Take Care of the Environment

Over the years, the environment globally has seen so much degradation that its preservation now forms the crux of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) being set by every country.

Humans and the environment live in a delicate balance on this world, and any slight disturbance in this balance can result in negative effects of gigantic proportions for both mankind and the environment. Children need to be taught that their actions cause an impact on the environment, and people need to start implementing measures that cause the least harm to the environment.

Read on to learn about how taking care of the environment results in the environment taking care of all of mankind as well.

  • Pollution damages human health:
    One way that humans can take of the environment is by reducing pollution, which is caused in the waters, air and in the form of high noise levels. Through increased urbanization as well as industrialization, the levels of toxins are increasing in the environment. If left unchecked, the level of toxins in the air and water will result in severe damage to people’s health and wellness. Air pollution can cause breathing difficulties and even result in people developing bronchitis, whereas water pollution, when passed to drinking water, can result in gastrointestinal diseases. This is the reason that an increasing number of people are opting for critical illness insurance, which offers protection against the severe disorders that people are now falling victim to.

  • Global Warming:
    Climate change resulting in global warming has been found to be caused by increasing industrialization and increase in the level of effluents such as chlorofluorocarbons due to devices such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Climate change is leading to extreme heat and cold conditions and causing unexpected weather changes which affect agriculture and thereby humans. Entire standing crops are being destroyed due to unseasonal weather conditions.

  • Loss of Biodiversity:
    The amount of biodiversity on Earth is because of the natural ecosystems that preserve and conserve life on Earth. The wide variety of creatures on Earth maintain a delicate balance which, if upset, can lead to massive repercussions which can affect our daily lives too. We are routinely delighted by the biodiversity we are surrounded by, with natural parks thriving as tourism centres owing to the enormous amount of species they accumulate. However, as humans continue to build factories and cities, these natural areas are also shrinking - leading to more species of plants and animals becoming extinct. If this is allowed to continue, nature as we know it will cease to exist.

  • Scarcity of Natural Resources:
    A lot of the products that humans use are derived from natural products. A lot of medicines and food products are derived from our natural resources, which are being depleted owing to growing human encroachment upon forest areas. It is important to conserve nature to ensure that humans can continue to enjoy the natural products that we have been bestowed with. Even the amount of arable land is decreasing as a direct consequence of increasing industrialization. At this rate, the increasing human population will run out of natural, organic food.

  • Poverty:
    Poverty, in the social sciences, has always been understood as a failure by people. However, with environmental degradation, a lot of groups of people are now being pushed to the brink of poverty. For instance, tribal populations around the world which have always depended upon agriculture and the land for their most basic of resources are now facing troubles due to growing urbanization. As more forest land disappears under homes and factories, these tribes are being pushed out of their natural homes to the streets of cities. Unable to learn any skills useful for modern civilization, they have no way to earn their keep and are steadily becoming victims of poverty.

The environment enriches and nourishes us. We derive a lot of benefits from the world around us, and the degradation of the environment will cause the human race to ultimately perish. It is important to take care of the environment, and ensure that the natural ecosystems continue to thrive for the sake of our future generations. While now critical illness insurance is only a popular option among people, in the future, it may become a necessity if environmental degradation continues, which may result in people becoming extremely sick and contracting terminal diseases.