Water Is the Most Important Part Of Your Diet

Ask any healthy person you know for a quick health tip, and the first thing they will say is: drink more water. It seems too simplistic to be true. After all, drinking water requires no effort, no exertion and it is simply something our body forces us to consume anyway. How can it be a health tip or the secret to anyone’s well-being?

However, while we might pay attention to our food, we tend to forget that water forms a part of our regular diet too. We might consume different cuisines and types of food, but the one thing that remains constant through all our meals is water. This is because water is absolutely irreplaceable in its position of importance to human health, since there are various benefits of drinking water.

Let us take a look at some of the most important ones:

● It hydrates the body: This is one of the primary benefits of drinking water, and the reason why our body compels us to drink regularly. The human body is dependent on water to process almost all of its daily functions. In fact, a human being can survive longer without food than without water[1]. Since our body is composed of about 55-60% water, it also helps maintain the balance of body fluids and related functions. These include creation of saliva, the process of blood circulation, maintaining body temperature and the absorption and transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

● It helps your body’s waste excretion: This is certainly not one of the most-discussed benefits of drinking water, but it is one of the most important ones. Not only can regularly consuming water help you avoid constipation, it also greatly aids the process of digestion thereby improving your bowel health.

Apart from this, your kidneys need adequate water to effectively transport the body’s waste through urination. Apart from expelling food waste, the body also needs water to generate sweat and regulate the body’s temperature.

● It keeps you physically active: Drinking water has a direct impact on your metabolism and results in your body immediately experiencing a spike in energy levels. A study has even shown that drinking only half a litre of water can help your metabolism levels to rise by 30 percent[2].

These effects are due to water’s ability to improve fluid circulation in the body, thereby ensuring that all cells and muscles retain their ideal electrolyte levels. Also, it is more likely that someone experiencing feelings of tiredness or sluggishness is in fact, dehydrated. One can avoid reaching that stage of dehydration by making sure we are always drinking ample amounts of water.

● It helps you lose weight: There is such a huge correlation between regular water drinking and maintaining a healthy weight, that water inevitably becomes an essential component of every weight loss plan. This works especially well if you replace any high-calorie beverages in your diet such as cold drinks and milkshakes with a simple glass of water, even when you go out to eat.

Moreover, considering water’s ability to keep the body awake and alert, there is minimal need for most of us to consume a beverage like coffee or tea for the same purpose. Replacing these with regular glasses of water also eliminates the incredible amounts of sugar we consume to prepare these beverages.

● It makes you look and feel good: Water is known to hydrate every organ in the body, including the largest organ that a human body possesses - our skin. Regular water drinking keeps the skin fresh, supple and hydrated and helps fight against the signs of aging.

Moreover, research has shown that drinking the right amount of water that your body needs can help you avoid mood swings and uplift your feelings of calmness and satisfaction[3]. Therefore, not only does water help carry out the inner functions of our body, but helps one look and feel better on the outside as well.

All these various benefits of drinking water help shed light on why water forms such an important part of our physical well-being. No matter what our meals may consist of, water has and will remain the most essential component of our diets. That is, if we remember to consume enough of it every day. To reap the incredible benefits of this simple liquid, make sure to consume at least 2 litres of water every day, and incorporate as many water-based foods in your diet as possible. It helps you feel full faster, and rejuvenates you for a whole day of activity ahead.