How do germs enter house

Even the most sparkling clean homes often have dirt and germs lurking in places you do not expect. And with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, it has become essential to practice caution whenever and wherever possible. Here, we look at some of the places where bacteria hide in your kitchen, bathroom and living room, and the best ways to keep those pesky germs at bay.

Unexpected germs in the kitchen

Considerable time is spent in the kitchen area in the day. Other than the bathroom, the kitchen is one of those places in a house that is full of moist spots - a hotbed for germs. Dish sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so wash them regularly and dry them in the sun. Also, replace them regularly. Make sure you always clean cutting boards after use and periodically bleach those cutting boards that are used for raw meat and poultry. Oven cabinet knobs, drawer handles and sinks can easily attract grimes from dirty hands, so clean them with soap water after a cooking session.


Hidden bacteria in the bathroom

Although your bathroom is the place that you use to disinfect your body, it is ironically a den for germs. These germs usually hide in places such as light switches, sinks and hand towels. To get rid of them, wipe these areas with a disinfectant spray and change hand towels frequently. Toothbrushes too should be changed often. If you use a toothbrush cover to protect your toothbrush from germs, you need to wash the toothbrush cover regularly.


Dirt found in the living room

From the TV remote control to mobile phone screens, there are plenty of spots for germs to hide in the living room. Since we come in touch with these objects frequently, we pass on the germs on our hands on to them. Hence, it is first advisable to not touch these objects with dirty hands in the first place. It is also advisable to clean remotes and phones with disinfectant wipes or sanitizers. Try using removable cushion covers for your sofa—this way they can be washed regularly and kept bacteria-free. Homes should be cleaned more often if you have furry friends (pets) who may be shedding hair and dragging dirt in daily!

While you go about cleaning these hidden spots ensure that you sanitize your hands frequently to kill those germs on your hands. Sanitizing your hands every time you come in touch with any object from outside your home, or before you touch your face is an absolute must now because of the COVID -19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. However, do ensure that before entering the kitchen or igniting any flame you wash your hands with water and soap to get rid of any alcohol from the hand sanitizer spray which can cause fire and burn injuries.

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