10 Ways to Lower the Risks of Getting Cancer

In today’s day and age, we are more knowledgeable than we were before. Years of research and studies have come up with certain best practices that when followed, reduce the risk of cancer. If you are keen on cancer prevention, read on!

What is cancer?

Cancer is a term used to refer to a group of deadly diseases which involve an unchecked growth of cells. Our body keeps producing new cells to replace old ones that die out. Sometimes, the newer ones are created way too fast, and grow in places where the old ones haven’t died yet. It is situations like these that are indicative of cancer.

How can one lower their risk of cancer?

A recent study predicted that as Indians grow older, the number of cancer cases will double every twenty years. With an average age of about 29 years, India is a considerably young country, and the fact that cancer starts showing up as people grow up is established. These are some tips you can follow that will help you with cancer prevention:

1.Staying off tobacco: Not only does smoking tobacco increase your risk of cancer, but it also makes it quite likely that you can suffer from other diseases such as asthma, heart disease, and osteoporosis. So, an important step in the journey of cancer prevention is not smoking and also staying away from second hand smoke, which is also very harmful.

2.Eating well: The benefits of eating well extend beyond helping prevent cancer. Regular consumption of saturated fat and read meat is linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer. One should incorporate fruits, vegetables and whole grains in their diet.

3.Working out: In addition to eating healthy, working out, too, is a good practice one can follow to prevent cancer. It helps one’s body stay fit and healthy, reducing the likelihood of them falling ill. It is not necessary to aim to lose weight with this, but one must keep in mind that they have to be regular with exercise to stay healthy.

4.Maintaining a healthy weight: Research has established that an excessive amount of fat and an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity increases the risk of multiple forms of cancer, so eating healthy and losing excess fat is imperative if one wants to prevent cancer.

5.Limiting alcohol consumption: Excessive consumption of alcohol has been linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer. If you do choose to consume alcohol, set limits for yourself and know that cutting down alcohol consumption can do more for you than just reduce the risk of cancer.

6.Avoiding radiation exposure: Medical imaging studies and tests should only be opted for when necessary. Processes like x-rays involve exposing your body to radiation, and you should refrain from exposing your body to it. Sunlight, too, contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can increase your risk of being affected by certain types of cancer. To combat this, use products that protect you from UV rays and limit your exposure to them.

7.Avoiding toxin exposure: Exposure to certain toxins like asbestos, benzene and PCBs are known to increase one’s risk of cancer. Asbestos is banned in over 60 countries, and while India has banned the mining of asbestos, it is used widely, especially in sheets covering roofs and insulating walls.

8.Keeping oneself safe from certain infections: Infection such as hepatitis, HIV, herpes and a few more increase one’s risk of being affected by cancer. So, taking precautions against these infections can help keep one safe from them as well as cancer.

9.Getting adequate good quality sleep: Not getting enough sleep tires everyone out. Sleep, however, isn’t only important to keep you fresh, but also to give your body rest. Not sleeping well enough has been linked to weight gain, which increases one’s risk of cancer.

10.Ensuring a high vitamin D intake: Certain research suggests that a sufficient daily intake of vitamin D is linked to a reduced risk of certain types of cancer.

If one follows these steps and exercises caution in general, they are likely to lead a good life, not only because it reduces the risk of cancer, but it also helps one stay fit and healthy, keeping other diseases at bay.

The thing with cancer, however, is that it shows up unexpectedly, and it’s hard to be ready for it. Which is why more and more people are investing in life insurance as well as cancer insurance, which helps one deal with the financial burden that cancer brings with it.