Common Healthy habits of fit people

Most of us aspire to be rich and successful, and so we look up to those figures in society that embody those values. We follow their lifestyles, their habits, their tastes and aspire to be like them. But why is it that we do not lend that same principle to the practice of striving to be healthy?

The WHO has stated that as many as 61 % of total deaths in India can be attributed to lifestyle or non-communicable diseases. It has become more common to be diagnosed with a critical illness than ever before. This means that we are shortening our lives every day due to health factors that we can choose to control.

Indeed, as they say, “health is wealth”. So, before we can aspire to be either rich or successful, we must turn inwards and ensure that we follow a few healthy habits and invest in our most prized possession - our physical health.

So, instead of entrepreneurs, let us take some inspiration from the type of habits that some of the healthiest people in the world have in common:

1. They eat well:
It is common knowledge that a diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits is beneficial to our health and yet, there are few who take an active step in following this common knowledge to practice. One of the primary healthy habits that can have an instant effect on your physical wellness is improving the nutritious value of your daily meals.

This doesn’t mean following the latest fad diet, or depriving yourself of your favourite meals. Simply making a conscious choice of refraining from excessive fat, sugar and salt can help reduce the chances of contracting a critical illness like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Also, cutting down on fast food and processed foods and from one’s diet is a big enough step to show healthier results in no time.

2. They refrain from smoking:
It is no secret that smoking is a toxic habit that causes certain harm to people who indulge in it. There are several studies in the world that have proven this fact time and again. Which is the simple reason why healthy people tend to refrain from this habit altogether. Not only is smoking damaging to the individual who smokes, but the effects of second-hand smoking can be deadly for his loved ones as well.

Therefore, refraining from smoking or tobacco use can help not only you but your family to stay healthy as well.

3. They find ways to be active:
On any list of healthy habits, this one is a no-brainer since we all know that regular physical exercise helps keep our bodies fit. Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also helps one keep a healthy metabolism, increase one’s energy levels, improve our brain health and help skin health. Not to mention it drastically reduces the chances of a person contracting a lifestyle-related critical illness such as stroke or diabetes.

However, one need not always have the time or energy for a full-term workout. Which is why healthy people always seek ways to be active throughout the day in little ways. Making the regular choice of stairs over elevators, and walking over hailing a cab makes a huge difference in our well-being.

4. They get enough sleep:
People often forget just how important a role sleep plays in our overall health and well-being. It is not enough to simply surrender to sleep out of necessity since the duration and quality of your sleep has a direct impact on your health. Healthy people know this and make sure to navigate their days around a strict sleep schedule instead of it being the other way around.

This one of those healthy habits that get easily overlooked, but have grave consequences for the person. Lack of sleep can increase the chances of a person contracting a critical illness like obesity and cardiovascular diseases. So, make sure to include at least 8 hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep in your day and you are sure to find yourself more alert and energized.

5. They value mental health too:
Finally, the one thing that healthy people remember to value more than even physical health, is one’s mental health. The beneficial effects of adequate sleep, exercise and a healthy diet are only manifested when the brain is free of stress. It is important to incorporate meditation, quiet time or even some moments of peacefulness into one’s schedule to help the mind efficiently handle the body’s processes. That is the true definition of being healthy.

All in all, the healthiest people around you are probably not carrying any secrets of wellness with them. They are simply adhering to the basic rules of well-being and following these simple healthy habits to become their healthiest self. So, all it needs is a little motivation and a little daily effort to achieve our fitness goals or simply be healthier than ever before. Simply be deliberate in your actions, be it choosing your pick of meal, or sleeping earlier than usual and you are sure to have a lot in common with the healthiest people in the world.

Life is about enjoying all big and small moments with those who matter to you. And, these moments are best enjoyed when you are healthy and worry free. The modern lifestyle however, exposes us to many risks arising on account of lack of exercises, irregular eating schedule, sedentary work habits and erratic sleep patterns etc. Therefore, while prevention is the best solution, preparedness is equally important.

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