In today's fast-paced life, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, the health insurance plan has become unarguably essential at every stage of life. The current pandemic scenario has made the world sit and realise the importance of health and insurance plans. No matter how prepared you are for the future, health uncertainties always have had the upper hand and can cause a financial upheaval that sometimes becomes impossible to meet.

Besides the trauma of meeting the medical expenses, getting into a well-renowned hospital and having access to an excellent medical facility is altogether a hectic ball game without a health insurance plan. Apart from obvious monetary benefits, a good health insurance plan safeguards you and your family's mental peace like no other.

5 crucial reasons to consider a health insurance plan at every stage of life

1.To fight against the odds

Healthy lifestyles lead to health benefits. However, with the change in time, our way of living has drastically evolved and sometimes showcases its adverse effects at the peak. Illness like diabetes, cardiac problems, respiratory disorders, or obesity has become an undetachable part of most individuals. Such conditions can sometimes result in more complex cases.

While following precautions can minimise the risk to a certain level, incidents are always bound to happen. You need a comprehensive health insurance plan for a sense of monetary security and to fight against these odd situations, subtracting at least one major thing to worry about.

2.To safeguard your family

No matter whether you are a 25-year-old adult or a 50-year-old man, an ideal health insurance plan that fulfils your insurance needs is always available and necessary. Consider your ageing parents, who are most vulnerable to diseases due to the age factor. Opt for a well-defined health insurance plan from Future Generali India Life Insurance.

3.To deal with hospitalization and incidental medical treatment expense

Medical expenses are increasing Day by day for the treatment of the major critical illness / surgical procedures including Heart and Cancer related ailments

4.To protect your lifetime savings

You do not want your savings to get exhausted by medical bills in just a week. An unforeseen illness can take away all your savings in mounting hospital expenses. This is why investing in a health insurance plan is essential at every stage of life.

Keep your savings to buy a new house, invest in a luxury car, your child's education, or go on a long-awaited family trip. Health insurance plans should handle the harder side of life.

5.It is never too late

Opting for an insurance plan is always an ideal decision. However, there are reasons why people may be reluctant. One of them is age. But no matter what your age is, your plan will always support you in the most challenging times. At Future Generali India Life Insurance, we have insurance policies for older citizens who want to protect their future and do not want to drain their savings in medical expenses. It is never too late to get an insurance plan.

At Future Generali India Life Insurance, we offer the Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan, covering 59 critical illnesses, at affordable rates.

About the Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan

Life is full of uncertainties. The Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan safeguards your family against those very uncertainties. The plan covers you on the diagnoses of any of the listed health conditions and ensures to provide the sum assured in case of specified critical illness.

The key health benefits of this plan are:

  • Comprehensive cover against 59 critical illness and surgical procedures
  • Cover from the early stage
  • Inbuilt death benefit with no waiting period
  • Flexibility to choose and customize your health plan
  • Fixed lump sum payout upon diagnosis of covered illness
  • 5% online discount


In today's lifestyle, health insurance plans are essential at every stage of life. Remember, medical expenses are not limited only to hospitals. These bills can be never-ending. Protecting yourself and your family is then the smartest decision you will ever make, and what better than starting with investing in an insurance plan? Future Generali India Life Insurance offers an extensive range of plans for you to pick your ideal one.


Note: The policy will be terminated once the sum assured is exhausted.