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7 Mistakes to avoid when planning to buy term insurance plans


Term insurance plan is an essential investment you should start as early as possible. However, while buying term insurance make sure you do not commit these 7 common mistakes:

  • Procrastinating about the decision
  • Buying insufficient cover without considering the current expenses
  • Incomplete disclosure of information
  • Choosing incorrect riders
  • Not comparing other policies
  • Opting for cheaper plans to save money
  • Locking-in on a long term and inflexible plan

7 Mistakes to avoid when planning to buy term insurance plans


Planning to buy an online term plan?


Great! That's the key first step to securing your family’s financial future. But you need to plan smartly, To manage unexpected challenges tomorrow. To choose the best term plan that suits your needs, Avoid the following mistakes…
Now that you know what NOT to do

Give your family the life they deserve - no matter what happens!

Choose a smart, affordable & convenient option

Choose a term plan designed for your convenience

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